So scary! Oprah Winfrey is sadly a victim of the devastating Californa wildfires. The media mogul revealed on Sunday, Dec. 17, that she has evacuated her pets and staff when asked by a Twitter user.

“Evacuated 10 days ago. Smoke was so bad for breathing. Dogs are in Palo Alto,” Oprah, 63, tweeted. One day before, she wrote, “So far still standing. Praying for the Promised Land and everyone else’s land. Firefighters on the defense. ??”

Oprah has been saying her prayers for her “little town” all weekend. “Still praying for our little town. Winds picked up this morning creating a perfect storm of bad for firefighters. #PeaceBeStill,” she wrote of the Thomas Fire before adding, “God bless every firefighter and their families. Fighting three weeks straight. Still going. Imagine their exhaustion! #ThomasFire.”

Oprah’s update comes just a few days after Ellen DeGeneres revealed that she and her wife, Portia de Rossi, were forced to leave their home. “Our house is under threat of being burned. We just had to evacuate our pets. I’m praying for everyone in our community and thankful to all the incredible firefighters,” Ellen tweeted on Dec. 10. “Everyone in the Montecito area is checking up on each other and helping to get people and animals to safety. I’m proud to be a part of this community. I’m sending lots of love and gratitude to the fire department and sheriffs. Thank you all.”

On Sunday, Ellen checked in with her worried fans. “Portia and I are watching and seeing all the devastation from the #ThomasFire. Our home is still standing, but so many homes have been lost. Firefighters continue to be my heroes,” she tweeted.

Actor Rob Lowe also revealed he evacuated his home last week. “Praying for my town. Fires closing in. Firefighters making brave stands. Could go either way. Packing to evacuate now,” he wrote at the time.

Thomas Fire is currently on its way to becoming the biggest California wildfire in history and is expected to continue into January, according to CNN. It has sadly burned through 270,000 acres already. We’re keeping all the victims in our thoughts during this very devastating time.