If there is one birthday party in the world we want to go to, it’s Ellen DeGeneres‘. With Reese Witherspoon handing out drinks and Bruno Mars DJing, it sounds like the most extravagant, A-list filled party that ever was. And according to Oprah Winfrey who was also in attendance, it was the most fun you can have ever in your life.

She recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she revealed she actually barely recognizes any celebrities in real life. Despite interviewing countless stars on her show, according to her they all attended Ellen’s birthday party “in disguise.” Not only did she not recognize The Weeknd’s long hair, she also told a hilarious story about when she encountered Leonardo DiCaprio at the party.

After walking past her twice with Oprah attempting to figure out who this inconspicuous figure was, disguised Leo said “hey, how you doing?” a few times before The Weeknd, who she was already talking to, engaged him in conversation about a film he’d been in. After admitting the film in reference wasn’t his favorite, Oprah honed her legendary interview skills and asked him “so, what was your favorite film?” to which he replied The Aviator allowing her to quickly catch on and come back with, “Leonardo, you’re so funny!”

Honestly, Oprah should lead workshops in trying to figure out who that person is that you vaguely recognize but can’t place where from. Although, it would help if Leo didn’t walk around disguised. Apparently, it’s a typical Leonardo move, with him also sliding in the back door of recent Rihanna’s 30th birthday party. Seemingly, Leo loves mysteriously creeping around Hollywood’s most star-studded parties.

This post was written by Georgia Aspinall. It originally appeared on our sister site, Grazia Daily.