It’s no surprise Oprah Winfrey, one of the richest celebrities in the world, who’s valued at $3.1 billion, has an over-the-top, extravagant home. But while most fans already know the 63-year-old has a lavish mansion, they probably don’t know she has not one but four homes! The media mogul is a pro at snatching up pricey real estate all across the country.

Oprah’s main home is in Montecito, CA, which she bought in 2004. Since then, she also bought two vacation homes and even a $29 million horse farm! Watch the video below to take a quick tour of all her lavish properties.

One thing to note about Oprah’s “main” mansion is that the house underwent a huge remodeling project in 2013. The reason? Oprah penned in an article in her magazine that many of her guests felt uncomfortable in her house since it was so pristine and perfect. But ultimately, despite the mansion being so grand, it didn’t feel like a real home.

“I knew my house was impressive,” she wrote in O magazine. “I mean, just about every guest I ever invited for dinner told me so as they perched on the edge of the opulent sofa, trying not to get fingerprints on anything. I owned a stately home and I poured my heart and soul into making it perfect.”

Most people usually give their homes a makeover, but leave it up to Oprah to purchase a home so over-the-top, she had to give it a makeunder. We wish we had her problems!

Oprah recently admitted that she just went to the bank for the first time in over nearly 30 years! “I went to the bank recently because I hadn’t been to the bank since 1988,” she told Ellen DeGeneres. When Ellen asked why she decided to go after all that time, she replied, “To deposit a million dollars. I just wanted to go there, just to do it… It felt fantastic! Actually, it was two million.” Excuse us?! Maybe the money is for another lavish mansion!