In her new book, Food Story: Rewrite the Way You Eat, Think and Live, nutrition expert Elise Museles asks readers to take a deeper look into their relationship with food.

“If you’re looking for a rigid [diet], you won’t find one here,” says Museles, whose first book, Whole Food Energy, offers more than 200 healthy recipes.

“Instead, you’ll encounter questions for reflection, inspiring practices, and open spaces with lots of room to record your thoughts, feelings and

Food Story also puts a new spin on the food-mood connection.

“Science is catching up to our intuition, confirming that certain foods, such as fruits, nuts, seeds and healthy fats, can help us feel motivated and upbeat,” says Museles. “Others, such as processed foods and refined sugar, can dampen our spirits. It’s helpful to be aware of how these foods make you feel, so you can make empowered choices throughout the day.”

Food Story is being sold on Sound True, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookshop, Books-a-Million, and IndieBound.