You can always expect brutal honesty from children, and Nicole Kidman knows all about that as her daughters recently told her exactly what they thought of her movie makeover for her film Destroyer.

Once Nicole and husband Keith Urban‘s daughters — seven-year-old Faith Margaret, and 10-year-old Sunday Rose — saw how different she looked for the movie, they were completely upfront about their feelings. “They called me ‘granny,’” the 51-year-old actress told the Los Angeles Times. “They’re like, ‘You’re our granny now.'” Well, that’s certainly enough to make a grown-up cry tears of pain. But Nicole did her best to not have an emotional breakdown at the thought of looking like a grandmother instead of telling her daughters that she would be open to attending a grandparents’ day at their school while in makeup.

Nicole Kidman Family
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“I thought it’d be kind of quirky and funny and make for a good story for when they were older,” Nicole told the outlet, adding that she would say, ”‘Oh… hello, Sunday! I’m here!’” as if she were Sunday’s grandmother. Nicole does have an Oscar to her name, so we’re pretty sure she would easily be able to pull that off. Nicole added, “And she’s just like, ‘Whatever you do, never, ever do that.’ So I won’t be dressing up as their granny — even though that’s what they called me!”

Well, maybe her daughters aren’t wrong, at least according to this photo.

And while Faith and Sunday have already seen their mother in character, you better believe they won’t be watching the actual movie as Nicole isn’t about having her kids watch most of her movies. “It’s incredibly exposing and vulnerable,” Nicole recently told Variety in a conversation with fellow actress Amy Adams. “I’m actually scared how to explain some of the choices.”

But the rest of us can see Nicole looking like a grandma when Destroyer is released on Christmas day. Oh, and the movie is about a “police detective who reconnects with people from an undercover assignment in her distant past in order to make peace.” Exactly the type of film that keeps you in the holiday spirit.