Season 2 of Big Little Lies will premiere in 2019 but Nicole Kidman (aka Celeste Wright in the HBO show) is already busy trying to prevent her young daughters, Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith Margaret, 7, from binge-watching Season 1. While recently appearing at OMEGA’s “Her Time” exhibition in Russia, the 51-year-old actress opened up about her kids being interested in the adult show. 

“My daughter is always negotiating with me to see Big Little Lies and I’m like, ‘No, no, no,'” Nicole said. “She sees snippets. [That said] it’s really good, I think, for your children to see your work and understand what it is. Then it’s theirs as well, so I talk about it.”

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Nicole may not want her kids to see the show since the series includes some profanity, a domestic abuse storyline, and, overall, focuses on a group of Califronia mothers with some deep secrets. Nicole has also said that her kids are her biggest critics and, in a previous interview with Tatler, she even recalled how they’re not afraid to speak their minds about her appearance at home. 

“My little one will say, ‘Please don’t wear your workout stuff to school this morning. Please blow-dry your hair. Please wear some makeup,'” Nicole shared. “I mean, that’s hard truth right there!”

Faith and Sunday might also want to watch Big Little Lies so they can be be well-versed in the show’s storyline before Meryl Streep‘s new character is introduced in Season 2. 

“She’s got a fantastic character. It’s also grounded and it’s based in something very, very real, and we hope we bring you the [best] second season and it delivers. We’re working hard,” Nicole previously told Entertainment Tonight about working with Meryl. 

She added, “We’ve already been shooting. It’s so good. She’s just amazing, and to watch her do her craft, it really is artistic craft when you watch her, we’re all — Laura Dern, Shailene [Woodley], Zoe [Kravitz], Reese [Witherspoon] — we just go, gasp, can you believe it?” With Meryl joining the show’s cast, we understand why Nicole’s daughters want to watch Big Little Lies so badly!