She’s back — finally! Nicole Curtis has returned to DIY Network for another season of Rehab Addict (it’s also previously aired on HGTV), and we’re so excited to see the blonde beauty back on the small screen after all this time!

The 41-year-old took a nearly two-year-long break from the hit show to deal with some personal issues, but now she’s returned for what looks like will be a very entertaining eighth season. Watch the video below to learn all about this new season of Rehab Addict!

Nicole gave birth to her second child, son Harper, in May 2015, and many fans wondered if Nicole married the baby’s father since she’s been extremely private. In an April interview, she opened up about the mysterious situation — and revealed she and the baby’s dad, Shane Maguire, are not together and also shared the two were in a custody battle over Harper.

“I would give anything to have a husband that loved me and supported me and, you know, took the kids out for pizza while I designed, but I just have never had that,” Nicole said at the time. “I never knew a nursing baby could be separated from their mother. If someone took puppies from their mom at two weeks, people would be in an uproar.” She was reportedly married to Steve Lane before this, and the two are parents to an older son, Ethan.

Now, Nicole is just happy that Rehab Addict is back, and she’s making sure she always puts on a strong face for her boys. “My life is absolutely not perfect. The most important thing for me is to be strong for my children,” she said. “I’ve never enjoyed the moment because I know it can go away at any time.”