Natalie Morales has been delivering hard-hitting news coverage since stepping onto the scene as an anchor in the mid-’90s. NBC viewers welcomed the former Today host into their homes every week for 22 years on the network. The reporter has a massive net worth after years of dominating both the daytime and the nighttime television lineup. 

Natalie has an estimated net worth of $18 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Growing up, Natalie’s father served in the U.S. Air Force, resulting in the family moving around to several different countries. After studying journalism in college, she landed a job at News 12 in The Bronx. It was there that Natalie got to experience the world of reporting, editing and her first taste of working as a morning news anchor. 

‘The Talk’ Cohost Natalie Morales Has an Enormous Net Worth! Check Out How Much Money She Makes

The popular reporter became the face of WVIT-TV in Connecticut where she tackled all of the huge breaking news stories of the early 2000s. Natalie made the move to anchor MSNBC in 2002. However, it was really in 2006 when she joined Today as a national correspondent that she rose to global prominence. 

Eventually, the mother of two was promoted to the coanchor position on the third hour of Today in 2008. She gained recognition for her coverage of the 2010 Copiapó mining accident. Natalie was able to communicate and interview the miner’s families in Spanish as millions of viewers tuned in to watch their rescue.

“That was the most incredible experience,” she told Cafecito in 2013. “I still think if there was a defining moment in my career, perhaps it was that moment.”

Three years later, Natalie became the lead anchor for Today, taking Ann Curry’s position. In 2016, Natalie approached the Today producers to ask them if she could transition into being a West Coast reporter. They agreed, leading her to host Access Hollywood while simultaneously taking on the role as the lead West Coast anchor on Today. She shared the sweet sentiment behind wanting to move. 

​​“It was more of a bucket list thing for my husband and me. My kids were going into seventh and second grade. It seemed like it was time for a change,” she told Working Mother in July 2018. “I grew up an Air Force brat. I moved every three years on average. So after living in a small town for 15 years—I loved Hoboken, NJ—I thought my kids needed to get out of their comfort zone.” 

Natalie announced she was leaving Access in 2019. In October 2021, she shockingly shared that she was leaving Today after 22 years on NBC. Longtime fans of the host did not have to wait long to see what program she was going to end up on next. Natalie revealed she was making the move from NBC to CBS to cohost The Talk.

“It’s an extraordinary opportunity to be joining this team at The Talk,” she said in a press release. “I love the new energy and direction and couldn’t be more excited to join Sheryl, Amanda, Jerry and Akbar. I’m looking forward to many good times while talking about the days’ topics, and I can’t wait to get going.”