People everywhere shared their Mother’s Day tributes on Sunday, May 12, but Naomi Watts angered some folks with a post featuring her two young sons gagged with tape.

“Mother’s Day gift to myself … #seenandnotheard. Happy Mother’s Day,” the 50-year-old captioned a photo showing her boys, Sasha, 11, and Samuel, 10, looking worried with duct tape over their mouths. Take a look at the picture below.

Some fans weren’t too happy with the post, as they took their displeasure to the comments section. “Wow, really? These precious babies are a product of you,” one person said. Another added, “Really not funny when we talk about kids, very sad and inappropriate on Mother’s Day.” One user chimed in with, “Your children supposed to be a blessing, you are not funny at all.”

However, plenty of people enjoyed the post, seeing it as a joke. “Best mother’s day gift,” a commenter said. “I find it funny and appreciate Naomi’s humor a lot” another added.

While some found the humor in it, the actress still decided to apologize, saying, “Didn’t mean to offend. My humor is sometimes irreverent. Photo was staged obviously.” The King Kong star said. Naomi did share another photo of her kids, this time without tape.

“Happy Mother’s Day … I’m so grateful to have these two wonderfully spirited people in my life. They are brilliant and unique, they keep me laughing and growing every day. Blessed beyond words to be on this journey together,” she captioned the pic.

Naomi shares her two sons with fellow actor Liev Schreiber. While the pair never did tie the knot, they were together 11 years before splitting in 2016. A friend of the Twin Peaks costar once exclusively told Closer Weekly that Naomi “isn’t really putting her heart on the line just yet,” but hasn’t ruled out “the journey of romance.”

For now, we know Naomi is all about her two wonderful kids!