In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, country legend Naomi Judd opens up about overcoming her incredible battles and how she is celebrating life now at 71 years old. “It’s a miracle that I’m still here! I don’t know how I’ve made it this far,” Naomi admits to Closer of her health. “But here I am, fully oriented to life, and an overachiever!”

She is well-known for conquering the country music world with her daughter Wynonna, but she’s also survived abuse, severe depression, a trip to the psych ward, and a 1990 hepatitis C diagnosis, during which doctors gave her three years to live. Naomi says the support of her family — daughters Wynonna, 53, and actress Ashley Judd, 49, and her husband of 28 years, singer-manager Larry Strickland, 71 — certainly helped.

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Naomi and Larry in 2004.

Naomi reveals when she was first diagnosed with severe treatment-resistant depression and extreme panic disorder, that nothing worked. “Finally, with months-long therapy sessions, I figured out all the stuff I’d stuffed down my whole life,” she explains. “The first memory I had was being molested by my uncle. I was beaten and raped by an ex-con on heroin when I was 22. My great-grandfather was a mass murderer, and after his son became my grandfather, my grandmother murdered him.”

“Some brilliant experts on mental disorders helped me recover and realize how much control I have in my current life,” she tells Closer. “And after dealing with this, I’m now the healthiest that I’ve ever been!”

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