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Being a Dad Was on Morgan Freeman’s Bucket List! Learn About the Film Icon’s 4 Children

Morgan Freeman has done some pretty amazing things throughout his professional career, such as star in Hollywood hits like The Shawshank Redemption, Se7en and The Bucket List, among others. But the film icon’s family means more than any award, as Morgan is the loving dad of four kids, Alfonso, Saifoulaye Deena and Morgana.

The Oscar-winning star became a father for the first time when he welcomed son Alfonso in 1959. At the time, Morgan was in a relationship with a woman named Loletha Adkins. There isn’t a lot of information out there about exactly when the two dated, but they called it quits after Alfonso arrived, according to reports.

Shortly following their split, Morgan experienced fatherhood for the second time in 1960, welcoming another son, Saifoulaye. However, it’s unclear exactly who the Now You See Me star shares his child with as details about Saifoulaye’s mother have never been revealed.

It was years before Morgan expanded his family once again, but in 1967, he walked down the aisle with his first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. During their marriage, they became the parents of their daughter, Morgana. Per Rare, Morgan also adopted Jeanette’s eldest daughter, Deena, whom she welcomed during a previous relationship. The Going in Style star and Jeanette were together for more than a decade, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1979.

Like his romances, Morgan is very private when it comes to his children and blended family. Despite preferring to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, he’s opened up about his kids in rare interviews, and they’ve even walked some red carpet events with their dad over the years.

Reflecting back on his journey to parenthood, Morgan said raising his children wasn’t as glamorous for him compared to other moms and dads. Because he had to dedicate long hours to his Hollywood career, he missed out on a lot of moments with his children.

“I’m not sure fatherhood changed me. You have to be married to be a father. I sired a couple of kids without being married, but that doesn’t make you a father,” he explained to the Telegraph in September 2014. “It took a while for me to become a father. I was busy trying to be an actor, and the two didn’t really go together in my youth.”

However, his priorities changed over the years. “Now, I am in my dotage,” he gushed, noting he especially loves watching his children create their own families. “I am a great-grandfather. I’m not a hands-on grandfather … I haven’t changed diapers. But when I had daughters, I changed theirs. Being hands-on makes a difference in your child’s life.”

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