If you ever wanted to look like Molly Sims, then we are (sort of) here to help! In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, the Las Vegas alum dished on her health and beauty regimen! You will definitely want to take notes for this one — because let's face it, Molly does NOT look like she welcomed her third baby less than one year ago. The mother-of-three revealed all at the MitoQ Launch at Catch NYC — and you can best believe she is using these products!

Molly revealed she takes a lot of vitamins, as she's "not a huge drug person," and some of her favorites come from the MitoQ line. The soon-to-be Miss America 2017 judge also takes "prenatals, probiotics," and more.

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When it comes to working out, the blonde beauty said she does "something cardio" every day like a workout tape, and "a little bit of pilates, but not a lot since [I] had a C-section."

"Food is protein and vegetables. I do drink, I drink wine," she explained. Elsewhere in the interview, Molly admitted that with alcohol and sugar, "You have to cut it out at some point. You can't just — I mean, I don't cut it out, but I definitely limit it."

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The model also shared advice when it comes to a weakness all mothers can relate to, which is snacking while feeding the kids. Molly quipped, "I stopped eating my kids' cheddar bunnies! I don't really think I'll crave a chicken tender ever again in my life — because here's what you do. You feed your kids at 5:30 and finish what's left, or I'll try it and then sit down and eat — so then you're double eating. I found that 'No, I don't need to finish the waffle or the pancake. That's five pounds right there."

One thing is for sure, you can definitely catch her using both the MitoQ vitamins and skincare products. When asked how she got involved with the brand, she explained, "I am a big believer in wellness and taking care of yourself, and I do believe that you're your own best advocate. I research, I find things, I try things, I get talked into things — but it's good, and I like different things!"

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