Molly Ringwald may have been the '80s go-to gal for coming-of-age flicks, but today's youths are still enjoying the John Hughes' stories that first propelled her into the spotlight!

The now 46-year-old just recently ran into a cardboard cutout of her Sixteen Candles character, Samantha Baker, during a shopping trip with daughter Mathilda.

The 10-year-old adorably imitated her mom's signature stance:

The beloved 1984 film follows Sam on her 16th birthday, which her entire family manages to forget. Despite enduring multiple embarrassments, the angst-filled teen eventually gets her happy ending.

Molly also struck a chord with such classics as 1985's The Breakfast Club and 1986's Pretty in Pink. Her most notable role in recent years was a stint on ABC Family's The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Along with Mathilda, the actress is mom to 5-year-old twins Roman and Adele with husband Panio Gianopoulos. We wonder if any of them are destined to catch the acting bug!