It's easy to forget that Princess Diana and Duchess Kate Middleton didn't start off as royals. Although both of them came from rich, aristocratic families, none of them actually have royal blood, similar to a modern-day Cinderella. And now that Prince Harry is marrying American actress Meghan Markle this weekend, she's the next soon-to-be royal who's just a mere commoner — like us!

Although both Harry and Meghan will probably never sit on the throne that Queen Elizabeth currently resides, the power couple is sure to dazzle people's hearts the same way Prince William and Kate did. In the old days, a prince marrying a commoner would have ignited controversy, but today it's not quite as scandalous.

And it's not just Harry who's stopped turning to aristocratic families for potential mates. Other kings and princes from neighboring countries have married waitresses, reality TV stars, and even bikini models! Just like Meghan, these everyday people who became members of the monarch are like real-life fairy tales. Watch the video below to see three princesses with amazing rags-to-riches stories.

One woman who's had a real Cinderella transformation is Norway's Princess Mette-Marit. She was a self-confessed "party girl" who already had one son when she met Prince Haakon at a music festival. Once their engagement was announced, the press started digging into her past and found lots of skeletons. For one, Mette-Marit's former lover, and father of her son, was a convicted drug abuser. There were also more rumors about Mette-Marit attending drug-fueled parties in her youth. To make matters worse, Prince Haakon defied his parents when he moved out of the palace to live with Mette-Marit against their wishes.

To calm the media circus, Mette-Marit gave an emotional press conference just a few days before her wedding. She apologized to the public about her wild past and promised that those days were behind her. "I cried for two days when I first saw my past life on the front page," she said at the time. Today, she's one of Europe's most-loved princesses, and her story is truly amazing and inspirational. Here's hoping the same will happen for Meghan.

Now where's our prince charming?