This. Would. Be. Devastating! Grey’s Anatomy fans are, frankly, freaking out today after a teaser trailer for the medical drama’s next episode showed beloved character Dr. Miranda Bailey seemingly suffering a heart attack. “My name is Miranda Bailey, I’m Chief of Surgery, and I believe that I am having a heart attack,” actress Chandra Wilson — who has portrayed Bailey since 2005’s Season 1! — can be seen saying in the clip.

The video then showed Bailey sitting in a hospital bed talking to her co-workers Dr. Richard Webber and Dr. Maggie Pierce. “I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let a blocked artery take me down,” she said before suddenly collapsing onto the floor. Did you just get chills? Because we totally did! Of course, the teaser trailer also features a super ominous voice-over (seriously thanks for that, Shonda Rhimes) telling viewers, “What happens when the doctor… becomes… the patient?” So dramatic!

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(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about Bailey’s emergency situation at this time. But, since Miranda has already survived plenty of near-fatal situations in the past (uh, remember the hospital shooting?!) we’re guessing she’ll carry on just fine after her heart attack. The teaser trailer for next week’s episode — set to air on ABC on Thursday, Feb. 1 — has, understandably, shaken loyal Grey’s fans. We’ve lost so many of our favorite characters in the past (honestly still not over Dr. Derek Shepher’d death) that we just could not take losing Bailey, too!

Thankfully, we don’t think Bailey is going anywhere. Actress Chandra — along with co-stars Justin Chambers (Alex Karev), James Pickens, Jr. (Webber), and Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) — reportedly signed a new contract in 2016 to stay on Grey’s for a few more seasons. We’ll just have to wait and watch next week’s episode to be totally sure, but we’re hoping Chandra (and Bailey) remains at Grey Sloan Memorial for many years to come!

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