Grey Sloan Memorial would be nothing without Dr. Miranda Bailey! On the third Season 14 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Chief of Surgery Miranda almost got fired — and loyal Grey’s fans were so worried about actress Chandra Wilson‘s fate on the long-running show! Though Chandra has been on the medical drama since Season 1, doctors have been fired in the past… just ask Eliza Minnick.

But, as chief, Bailey is supposed to be the one doing the firing, not the one who gets fired. Sure, she has a spirited personality and sometimes speaks out of turn, but that’s what we love about her. Watch the clip below to see the moment Miranda seemingly got fired during the episode!

In the clip, we see Bailey in a meeting with Catherine Avery and her ex-father-in-law — and a Grey Sloan Memorial board member — Harper Avery. The conversation revealed the board wanted to pull funding, which threatened to permanently shut down the hospital. Of course, Bailey objected to letting that happen. She stood up to Harper and pleaded her case, defending the hospital. In the Season 13 finale, an explosion went off at Grey Sloan Memorial and even though no one was seriously injured, the hospital required more than $15 million in updates.

After hearing Miranda’s reasoning, Harper was convinced to not pull funding, but he told Bailey that she was fired. And the shocked look on her face was likely mirrored by fans across the world after the scene aired. What would we do without Bailey?! Hours later, Miranda and Catherine returned to speak to Harper only to find him without a pulse in the conference room. After it was confirmed that Harper sadly died, fellow board member — and Harper’s grandson — Jackson Avery told Miranda to ignore her firing and continue working as if nothing happened. Thank goodness!

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Though it looks like Bailey isn’t fired (at least for now), we do know the character may be dealing with some personal changes this season. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Miranda’s husband, Ben Warren (played by Jason George), is leaving Grey’s to join the series’ new spin-off about Seattle firefighters. Though actor Jason has confessed he doesn’t know what that will mean for Ben and Miranda’s marriage, he seems to believe Bailey will stay on the show. “Bailey can come home and fall into bed, and there’s Ben, and they can talk about their day,” he told TV Line. “Or Ben comes home from fighting fires all day and falls into bed, and there’s Bailey.” We hope he’s right!

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