The finale of Good Bones aired in October 2023, but fans have been itching to see Mina Starsiak Hawk and her crew return to HGTV.

During an episode of her “Mina AF” podcast on Monday, June 3, Mina, 39, shared her true feelings about returning to TV full time in the future.

“I have loved for the most part making TV when it was fun, when it was good,” she told listeners. “The last two seasons were really, really hard emotionally and mentally, financially and physically as well. But that was to the point where I was starting to feel like, well the weight was all on you at that point, an and the financial weight, the weight to hit the deadlines and it was really waring on me and I was trying to come up with a way to move forward that was going to be more sustainable for me.”

The Two Chicks and a Hammer owner has spoken out numerous times about facing challenges on the show’s set during the final season, including rifts with her costars.

“My part of the puzzle was broken but I think maybe it wasn’t for the other people who were involved in the show for a variety of reasons,” Mina continued. “They didn’t have financial stakes. It wasn’t there properties, it wasn’t their money, it wasn’t their business. It was still able to be just fun and I really wanted to try and get back that fun part to balance all of the hard things. And I think it would be great if I can still figure out a way to do that.”

While Mina will be returning to HGTV for a two-episode spinoff documenting her lake house renovation, she has not yet announced another full-time TV series.

“You do kind of have to change with the times and what’s going on, and trying to figure out what show could maybe be made that fits where I am at my life right now with also with what’s going to rate with also what’s reasonably affordable to make is very up in the air,” she said.

Mina Starsiak Hawk Reveals Whether or Not She Will Return to HGTV
Courtesy of Mina Starsiak Hawk/Instagram

Mina is not completely opposed to the idea of working on another show but admitted some changes would need to be made to make it an ideal working environment.

“So the people asking if I would make another show I would love to, I would love to if I could find a way to do it with a balance that was healthier,” she said.

Just recently, she was approached with an idea about a potential series.

“This show idea is pitched, and the show idea leans back into the older Good Bones model, maybe working with some of those people again, and I just think it would be a really bad decision for me mentally and emotionally let alone financially to get back in that place,” Mina, who shares kids Jack and Charlotte with husband Steve Hawk, admitted.