Mina Starsiak Hawk addressed questions about why she hasn’t changed the name of her Two Chicks and a Hammer business during a recent episode of her “Mina AF” podcast.

The Good Bones alum explained that fan pages have raised eyebrows about her keeping the Two Chicks label since her mom, Karen E. Laine, retired from the business in 2019.

“When Disney stopped being in charge of Disney, they didn’t change the name of Disney,” Mina, 39, said during the June 11 podcast episode, in which she was joined by her husband, Steve Hawk. “By no means am I like as big or as important as Disney. It’s the point, like the company’s name. … I have been building that company since 2009, and when mom decided to retire, I financially bought her share of the company and own the whole thing, own the name, own the copyrights and all that stuff. It would seem silly to change the name of the company that I have been working to build since 2008 really, 2009.”

Even though she has made peace with keeping the name of the company, she told her listeners that “people do have wild feelings about it.” Mina explained that she did redesign the logo for the company, making the word “hammer” bigger so that “it leans more into the construction side of it.”

“I honestly think it would be a little dismissive to change the company’s name, while it has just been me running it for a while, we both started it,” the HGTV star concluded. “So I think it would be almost inappropriate to change it to like one chick and take the credit for the whole company.”

Days prior to making the comments about her business, Mina revealed whether or not she would ever want to return to TV full-time following the conclusion of Good Bones.

Mina Starsiak Hawk on Why She Didn't Change Name of Business
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Cost Plus World Market

“I have loved for the most part making TV when it was fun, when it was good,” she told fans during a podcast episode on June 3. “The last two seasons were really, really hard emotionally and mentally, financially and physically as well. But that was to the point where I was starting to feel like, well the weight was all on you at that point, an and the financial weight, the weight to hit the deadlines and it was really waring on me and I was trying to come up with a way to move forward that was going to be more sustainable for me.”

Currently, she is signed on for a two-episode spinoff show on HGTV documenting the renovations on her new lake house.

“You do kind of have to change with the times and what’s going on, and trying to figure out what show could maybe be made that fits where I am at my life right now with also with what’s going to rate with also what’s reasonably affordable to make is very up in the air,” she added of potentially making a full-time return to HGTV in the future.