How sweet! These days, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are quite busy with their careers, but we continue to see that they always make some time for each other — even if it just involves heading out together to buy some flowers.

The couple was spotted out and about in Los Angeles on Friday, May 24, doing a little bit of shopping. The actress, 35, went the casual route and sported jeans, a t-shirt and a cardigan, while her husband 41, wore a pair of blue slacks and a striped top. However, what really stood out was the lovely flowers he was holding on it. Who are they for, Ashton?

The pair have been seen in public more often lately, and are clearly all about each other, even if the Black Swan star is sometimes irritated by her man. “Does he get on my nerves? Every day!” Mila joked during a 2018 appearance on Live With Ryan and Kelly. “One hundred percent of the time there’s a version where I’m like, ‘What the? What are you doing?’ But I like him, so… talk to me in 10 years.”

Scroll on down below to see more photos of Mila and Ashton on their little flower trip.