It may have taken some time, but Michelle Pfeiffer finally joined the masses and created an Instagram account, although she recently revealed that she is still not a fan of social media.

The 60-year-old sat down with InStyle for their March issue and discussed how it has been since she’s been on Instagram showing off her private life. “It’s been terrifying for me, honestly,” the Ant Man & the Wasp star told the outlet. “I’ve spent my entire life avoiding, doing as little as possible, in terms of exposure — literally the least that I could get away with as an actress.”

Michelle Pfeffier
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Michelle eventually gave into the social media world after receiving a kind message from fellow actress Elle Fanning, and not being able to reply back. “It was so sweet, and I wanted to respond, but I couldn’t,” she recalled. “I had no format. I didn’t tweet. I didn’t have Instagram. I had nothing. But I’ve started paying more attention. And I’ve been following other celebrities who I think are as private as I am, and even they are venturing into the Instagram world. So I’m dipping my toe in. I’ll be very tentative in the beginning. But in a weird way, I’m kind of excited about it.”

For now, the actress is giving us little peaks into her life, as one of the first posts she shared on Instagram was one of herself and her husbandDavid E. Kelly. “My #SundayLove on our recent wedding anniversary,” the Dangerous Minds star captioned the photo, adding, “The luckiest girl in the room for 25 years.” The couple married in 1993, and went on to raise two children: 25-year-old Claudia Rose, who they adopted, and a son named John Henry, 24.

We’re glad Michelle is back in the news after spending some time away from Hollywood. You can next see her in two big-time films, Avengers: Endgame and Maleficent 2.