Every parent can’t wait to drop their kid off at college, but once the moment actually happens, you realize it’s a lot harder than it seems. Michelle Obama went through that same exact problem when she had to say goodbye to her daughter Sasha Obama at the University of Michigan last August.

“There were [tears]. We were really good about it. We didn’t want to embarrass her because she had roommates and it was at the end, after lunch, when we said that final goodbye. When we got into a car, Me, Barack and Malia who was there with us, and then Sasha drove off on her own and said that last goodbye, that’s when we were like [crying noises],” the mom of two recently recalled to Today‘s Jenna Bush Hager.

Sasha Obama

Michelle’s husband, Barack Obama, and their 21-year-old daughter, Malia Obama, had to muster up all of their courage to see Sasha off at the university. Even though Michelle can officially call herself an empty nester, she’s just happy that her girls are pursuing higher education and are growing into self-sufficient women.

“I’m excited for my girls to grow up and to become independent,” she explained. Now the only thing left to do is to get rid of that sad feeling. “You feel a little melancholy that they will never be the little ones that sit on your lap and listen to your every word and look at you adoringly,” she said. “Those days are over.”

At least Sasha got to go on a fun trip with her family before she left for college. Last summer, the Obama clan went to France and hiked near Gordes in the Luberon. When Barack thinks about how much his girls have grown up over the years, he can’t believe how much has changed within his family.

Barack Obama and family return from vacation, Cape Cod, USA - 21 Aug 2016

“It makes no sense. Michelle and I are way too young to have daughters who are both almost in college now,” he has said about his girls growing up right before his eyes. “So as a parent, [I’m] a little freaked out.”

Don’t worry Barack. You taught them well!