The president’s daughter is learning to drive this summer and Michelle Obama wants to give Washington D.C. a heads up!

When asked about daughters Malia, 15, and Sasha, 12, the first lady commented that her eldest is getting ready to step behind the wheel. “One child is going to be driving this summer. Look out,” she joked on Access Hollywood.

So will the Secret Service be stationed in the back seat? “We’ve got a plan,” the 50-year-old simply stated, though she admitted in a previous interview that she and President Barack Obama will most likely not be allowed to join Malia in the car.

malia obama

Malia with dad Barack Obama

“I think our agents don’t want us driving with teenagers…especially the president’s detail,” she shared with USA Today.

“I don’t think they want him in the state when she’s learning how to drive,” she jokingly added. “We will fortunately be able to hand that responsibility over to someone else.”

Although she revealed that both girls will be attending camp and starting internships this summer, the Chicago-native stayed mum on whether dating is permitted at the White House.

“You just want me to get pushed off the Truman Balcony,” Michelle joked of her possible punishment for revealing dating details.