As people continue to buy Michelle Obama‘s memoir Becoming — making it the best-selling book of 2018 — the former first lady continues to reveal more and more secrets and unknown stories from her time in the White House during Barack Obama‘s presidency. And Michelle had more tidbits for us, as she recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show to spill the true reason her husband wanted a second term.

The 54-year-old chatted with the late night host about many things, from her success of her book to disaster drills she and her brother used to do when they were young. But when the conversation turned to Michelle’s daughters, 20-year-old Malia, and 17-year-old Sasha, Michelle was more than happy to tell everyone exactly why Barack desperately wanted to remain president another four years.  “I’ve always said, as quiet as it’s kept, the second term of the presidency was really fueled by Barack’s desire to keep them with their agents into their teen years,” Michelle joked. “He was like ‘we’ve got to win, because I don’t want those girls walking around.'”

“He wanted men with guns with them,” Michelle continued, adding, “He worked extra hard on those votes. He’s like, ‘Come on voters.'”

Michelle also revealed that her teen daughters are out and about doing normal young adult stuff, calling them “really interesting” and saying that she’s now friends with her kids. “There are boyfriends we can talk about,” Michelle explained. “You know, they drive, so they can, you know, they can earn money so they ask for less.” And this isn’t the first time Michelle has told a funny story involving her daughters, as she said that she and Malia once tried to escape the White House.

Sasha and Malia
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Michelle told Ellen DeGeneres on her show, “Malia’s like, she’s pumped up, she’s like, ‘We’re going to do this, Mom, you get out, you get out.’ But the door is locked and then the usher says, ‘Ma’am, um, if you walk out there, you will be on camera in front of the nation.’” Michelle added, “Now I’m in ripped up shorts and a T-shirt, no shoes on, no makeup, and I thought, hmm, you have a point. I don’t want to be on that clip looking like this.” Michelle and Malia of course eventually made it out in order to celebrate the legalization of gay marriage with people everywhere.