What's the secret to landing – and keeping – a beautiful wife? Michael J. Fox knows!

"I let her have the last word!" Fox recently quipped to Closer as his spouse of 25 years, Tracy Pollan, stood smiling by his side.

She's also stood by him through his 23-year fight against Parkinson's disease and recent return to the spotlight with his short-lived The Michael J. Fox Show.

"Any marriage has its ups and downs. It's work to be married for this many years!" confesses Pollan, 53.

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"The cool thing about the 25th anniversary is we kind of woke up and said, 'Well, I guess this worked! Let's sign up for another 25,' so we did," Fox, 52, recently revealed. "We cemented it with pizza in Brooklyn!"

"I love him," gushes Pollan, who met her husband on the set of Family Ties in 1985. "I want to be there for him."