Michael Caine Is a Father to 2 Grown Daughters — Meet the Oscar Winner’s Children

He’s one of the greatest actors with a film resume filled with iconic performances — but it is Michael Caine‘s role as a father to his two daughters that should really get all of the attention.

The Oscar winner, 86, welcomed his first child — daughter Dominique — in 1956 with his then wife Patricia Haines, who he was married to from 1954 to 1962. While the pair parted ways, the Hollywood star would go on to have another child after marrying his second wife, Shakira, in 1972. Michael and Shakira would have daughter Natasha in 1973.

The happy bunch of course are very close. “I love family. It is the best organization there is, and I’m a great father,” the Dark Knight costar once told Daily Mail. “Come to think of it, that is my big conceit. If you want arrogance and conceit, I think I’m the best father in the world. I have always put my children first. I never spoiled them but I was there for them.”

Michael Caine

“They came on set with me. I got this reputation for saying yes to films only because of the locations or the money,” he continued. “Well, that wasn’t entirely true. It was mostly about taking a job that would allow me to support the family and have them with me.” And while he may travel quite a bit for his job, he always makes sure to have his loved ones near him.

“It saved my marriage, for sure,” Michael explained to the outlet. “I tell every male actor to take their wife on location because it will save them. That’s where it can all go wrong in this business. You have a beautiful woman in the cast, you are doing love scenes in these wonderful locations, you go out at the end of the day and you get drunk. It happens. But if you have your wife to come back to at the end of the day, all that stops.”

It is very clear that Michael is one heck of a father who is willing to do anything for his family.

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