Back in 2016, Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato went through some very hard times when their 5-year-old son, Noah Bublé, was diagnosed with liver cancer. Though the couple remained strong while Noah underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the 43-year-old singer admits the experience was hard. So hard, in fact, the two aren’t sure if they are “brave enough” to face it again.

“We were in the car yesterday and I looked at her and said, ‘Would you do it all over again?’ She then answered, ‘Of course I would do it all over again. I wouldn’t want anything different. You guys are the greatest joy of my life,'” he told Pop Culture Beast of Luisana, 31.But then my question to her was, ‘But would you be brave enough to do it all over again?’ And then she said, ‘I don’t know.’ And I would have to say the same thing. I don’t know.”

The good news is Noah is currently in remission from his cancer battle. In a previously interview with People, Michael opened up about how his son’s health issues have changed him for the better. “Listen, I am different,” the “Haven’t Met You Yet” crooner explained. “You don’t go through big things in your life, dramatic things like I’ve gone through or my wife has gone through, without it having an effect on you.”

“I don’t think I feel very nervous for anything anymore,” the proud dad-of-three continued. “The perspective that I have on life now allows me to understand that I don’t have to sweat the small stuff. I want there to be a purity, and I want there to be a focus on relationships and kindness. I’m spending my time doing things I love and with people I love, for people I love.”

No matter what challenges life has in store for Michael and Luisana, we know they’ll overcome them.