Comedian Melissa McCarthy has a morning ritual and it’s not something you would typically guess. The Oscar-nominated actress recently told The New York Times Magazine that she wakes up every morning at 4:30 a.m. to watch TV. Yes, you read that correctly. Her reasoning? “I treat myself right,” Melissa explained.

Melissa isn’t just watching any ordinary TV series, though — she usually chooses between action shows or geography shows, two genres that are completely opposite of each other. Whatever floats your boat, Melissa! She explained that her morning begins with her making coffee before watching old episodes of Knight Rider or the original episodes of The Incredible Hulk starring Lou Ferrigno. “I watch [him] freak out, throw a clear rubber tree,” Melissa told the magazine. “Bill Bixby’s high-waisted super chambray-colored pants. They’re always so pristine. Even though he’s backpacking in the woods, he’s so freshly laundered.”

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After watching some TV, Melissa ventures outside to get her issue of The Los Angeles Times, as the newspaper’s print edition is delivered to her doorstep each day. She’ll also read The New York Times on her iPad, she said. Once she’s done with that, the comedian will turn on National Geographic because she loves polar bears. Of course that makes sense, polar bears are so cute!

The 48-year-old actress usually spends her mornings in either LA or Atlanta as she and her husband, Ben Falcone, own a house in each city. At their home in LA, the couple has a cobalt blue life-size silverback gorilla statue in the backyard, and at their house in Atlanta, they have a full-size resin horse in the yard. It’s easy to say that the duo may have a slight obsession with life-size inanimate objects. Again, whatever floats your boat, guys!

Melissa also told The New York Times Magazine that the reason they bought a home in Atlanta is because so many films end up being filmed there. “It is the dumbest thing that you can’t make a movie in Hollywood,” she said. “I feel like, boy, California, you blew that one with everything you’ve got. You had one job!”

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On the weekends, Melissa and Ben, 45, abandon their phones and focus on their family, which includes their two daughters and two dogs. They sometimes even invite friends over for dinner. If Melissa thinks that watching TV every morning is treating yourself, maybe we should all try it!