Going all out! Melissa Joan Hart does not mess around when it comes to decorating for the holidays. In fact, the actress does not only keep it to the month of December.

“We live in Lake Tahoe, so we keep the decorations up pretty much all year round. We’re one of those,” the 43-year-old exclusively told Closer Weekly recently while at Christmas Con, presented by That’s4Entertainment. “It’s great when you live in a log cabin, it just feels like that anyway. Leave the swag on the balcony, who cares? Everything looks like Christmas all year round. It has that woodsy feel to it.”

The Sabrina the Teenage Witch alum — who shares three kids with her husband Mark Wilkerson — makes decorating a family affair. ‘When we’re here, on the east coast, where we live also, we start early. My husband goes all out,” Melissa explained. “We put a wreath on every window, swag on every railing around the house, nicknacks on every window sale. Every bookshelf is changed out; I do a collection of Santa photos over the years, so I take all the regular photos down and put the Santa photos up. Everything from when my husband and I met in 2002.”

Melissa Joan Hart

However, when it comes to the holidays, the Drive Me Crazy star knows it is all about her loved ones. “Everything we do is based around the holiday. Every single thing we do — from cookie baking to tacky sweater parties, everything,” Melissa gushed. “My favorite [tradition] which my parents did when we were kids that we now do with our children is the morning of Christmas, sitting at the top of the stairs, waiting for mom and dad to go downstairs and check to make sure Santa came and he left.”

“It goes back to I think when my mom fell asleep to early and Santa hadn’t come, we had to go back to bed,” Melissa recalled. “It’s the best thing ever. Sitting on top of the stairs, the anticipation, the gathering, that 30 second to a minute, is the best anticipation of your entire life. You’ll never get that back. It’s the highlight. They have to wait until mom and dad check. That gives me time to set up the camera, turn on the lights, light the fire.” So sweet!

All of this talk just makes us even more excited for the holidays!

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