Poor Melania Trump! The First Lady attended the State of the Union address on Tuesday, Jan. 30 (without her husband, Donald Trump, may we add) in a cream-colored pantsuit — and Twitter users immediately began comparing her to Hillary Clinton.

Melania, 47, stunned in the ensemble, but viewers were convinced she dressed very similar to the formal presidential candidate when she accepted the Democratic nomination in July 2016. “Melania is trolling Trump with that Hillary style pantsuit,” one user wrote. Another added, “A white pantsuit. Does that mean Melania is a Nasty Woman like Hillary Clinton?” Someone else chimed in, “Melania’s outfit tonight is a tribute to @HillaryClinton, a clear dig at Trump. #SOTU.”

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Many of the Democratic women showed up to the event wearing black to support sexual assault victims, but the platform was quick to notice that Melania didn’t follow the trend. “Democratic women are wearing black to support sexual assault victims. So, of course, Melania shows up in all white.#SOTU,” one follower wrote.

This controversy comes amid rumors Melania and Donald’s marriage is on the rocks. Melania, of course, always puts a smile on at events, but a body language expert exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly that her smile is fake in a lot of pictures. “Her smile is pasted on fake — and actually, you see a little bit, just a slight bit of anger just in the clench of the way the jaw is, the tension all the way up to the neck and in the eyes,” Patti Wood, MA shared.

Despite all the negativity around this, though, it’s safe to say Melania is quite the style icon. The First Lady has begun recycling her outfits (just like Kate Middleton!) which proves she’s just like us. Fans were also obsessed with her 2017 New Year’s Eve dress. We’re curious to see what she wears to her next public event with Donald… if she even goes with him…