Think what you want of her (and her husband’s politics), but one thing is hard to deny — Melania Trump has seriously good hair. Chalk half of it up to her killer genes, and the other half to killer hair products (and an incredible stylist), but the woman looks like a darn Pantene model 24:7! How does she do it? Actually, it’s not that complicated. Keep reading to learn how to get Melania Trump’s perennially picture-perfect hair!

Keep it consistent

When the 47-year-old model realized she was going to be the FLOTUS, both she and her longtime hairstylist Mordechai Alvow decided they wanted to keep things consistent in terms of her hair. “[After Donald Trump won the election], we took into account that she’ll suddenly be in the public eye in a big way,” Melania’s mane man told Yahoo Beauty in 2017. “We wanted a consistent look that allowed the public to feel more connected to her. When you’re new to people and suddenly so much in the public eye, people are looking for a sense of stability of some sort. When your hair looks the same, it helps people feel like they know you — it helps people feel more comfortable.” In other words, they decided on what looks best for Melania and have stuck with it. If it ain’t broke, people!


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Use the right products

In order to get Melania’s signature ‘do — lots of shine, volume, and super soft curls — Mordechai uses products from his own all-natural line, Yarok. “I start with Feed Your Ends, which is a leave-in conditioner. It’s made from the root of beets with rosemary and lemon balm,” he revealed. “It smells amazing, adds shine, is a great heat protector, and Melania loves how healthy it keeps her ends looking.” Next, the First Lady has Feed Your Roots mousse applied to the top of her head. About four “golf-ball-size amounts” are used to create (and hold) Melania’s signature volume at the crown of her head.

Start from the bottom

While Melania is an absolutely stunning woman, it’s obvious she doesn’t “wake up like this.” Her hair and all of it’s perfectly coiffedness, takes some work — enter the right drying technique. After applying leave-in conditioner and mousse, Mordechai uses a large round brush to blow dry Melania’s hair by individual section. Beware, though! Melania’s hair is never dried from the root to the tip — Mordechai goes the opposite route and dries her hair from the bottom on up. Tame those flyaways!

Use the right tools

Once Melania’s hair is completely dry, a large curling iron is used to roll two-inch sections. The sections of hair are then pinned up with large plastic curlers, metal pins, and a light spritz of hairspray. (And yes, that’s exactly when her makeup is done.)

Finish with a massage

Because no luxe hair treatment is complete without some sort of massage, the First Lady always has her scalp massaged after her hair is completely done. Once the curls have set in rollers for about an hour, Mordechai removes them and immediately massages the former model’s scalp in order to create blood flow and work up the volume even more. “To finish, I use Feed Your Style dry shampoo style powder, which helps create texture and separates hair strands so it doesn’t look solid and unnatural,” the stylist says. “I lightly tease the entire head and brush it out into big waves that don’t look too ‘done.'” And lastly, Melania always runs her fingers through her hair to add a little movement. Easy-peasy.

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