Filmmaker Mel Brooks Is the Doting Father to 4 Kids — Learn All About Them!

Like his incredible, decades-long Hollywood career, Mel Brooks has also had the time of his life being the loving father to his four kids. The American filmmaker, who is best known for The Producers, The Twelve Chairs and Blazing Saddles, passed his show business talent onto his kids, all of whom followed in his famous footsteps to some degree.

The 92-year-old married Florence Baum in 1953. The former couple then welcomed three kids together — Stephanie Brooks, Nicky Brooks and Eddie Brooks. Sadly, their union ended in divorce in 1962. Just two years later, Mel found love again with Anne Bancroft. They married in 1964 and had just one child together, Max Brooks.

Since first becoming a dad so many years ago, Mel is still moving and grooving — despite the Anne’s loss. In 2005, she tragically died of uterine cancer at age 73. At the time, the Young Frankenstein star “was deeply wounded — he couldn’t get out of bed,” Patrick McGillgan, author of the new biography Mel Brooks: Funny Man, exclusively told Closer Weekly. “But he slowly bounced back.” Now, Mel is “like the Energizer Bunny — he keeps going and going.”

Luckily, Mel has his children to get him through every day. Scroll down below to learn all about Mel’s four kids!

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