Diva alert! According to sources, Megyn Kelly has quite the list of demands before she officially takes over the third hour of Today, beginning Sept. 25, 2017. Sources tell Life & Style that NBC is a whole different ballgame from what she was used to at Fox, “and with Today still getting beat in the ratings by Good Morning America, there is just no justification for all of the money being thrown at Megyn. Her requests seem over-the-top.”

So far, the blonde beauty has allegedly asked for her own makeup artist, which is pretty much unheard of in their news division. “From makeup and hair to the producers and her assistants, the staff she’s requested is costing the network over half a million dollars,” the insider adds. “She has a dressing room there, as well as a separate one on the original Today set. It’s for less than 10 minutes of airtime during the show’s first two hours.”

However, Megyn hardly seems worried about her new gig. “She feels she’s attracting a new audience that hasn’t been watching NBC in the mornings and that she’s a trailblazer,” says a source. “The pressure is on her to come out of the gate with big numbers. Megyn knows some people at NBC want to see her fail.”

The anchor previously said of her highly-anticipated debut, “My vision is that at the end of the hour people will think, ‘Wow. I feel great. That was good for me.’” She is best known for The Kelly File and also appeared on The O’Reilly Factor and America Live. Most recently, the mother-of-three served as executive producer for Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, which hardly impressed in the ratings department.

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