Even though Megyn Kelly has been through a lot, she’s taken experiences from her past to help shape her into the highly successful news anchor, wife, and mother she is today. Nothing was ever handed to the 46-year-old, she had to work for it — and now she’s just days away from debuting her new show, Megyn Kelly Today, on NBC.

“I knew there would be no shortcuts for me,” she previously shared. “I knew if I was going to have any success, it would be a result of working hard.” Her family worked hard to make ends meet after the tragic death of Megyn’s father, Edward, from a heart attack when she was just 15 years old.

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Megyn on Today.

“I remember looking at my mom in the hospital waiting room and saying, ‘Will you ever be happy again?'” Megyn recalled. “Here’s this woman, 44, overwhelmed by what’s happening… and she said, ‘Of course I will, honey. And you will, too.'”

Even though the family was in mourning, Megyn’s mom wouldn’t let her settle. “Linda was extremely critical of Megyn, but when she gave her praise, she knew she’d truly earned it,” an insider said. “It all gave her a strong backbone.”

She even taught Megyn how to be a stand-up mom today. “I knew I made the right decision when Mom being home for dinner was no longer a cause for celebration,” says Megyn, whose move from FOX had a lot to do with her being able to spend more time with her three kids: Edward, 7, Yardley, 6, and Thatcher, 4. “And there is no substitute for that — my kids are little, so I can still be there for them. I haven’t missed it yet!”

Megyn’s focused and determined mindset has set her up for an even more successful future as well. “The hard times remind you it’s possible to do better,” she said. “Today, I look at the future and see unlimited opportunity.”

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