She really knows how to shake things up, doesn’t she? Megyn Kelly rocked the news world when she abruptly left FOX in January for a new gig at NBC. But so it turns out, her new co-workers are already angry with her!

Apparently, Megyn is a little bit high of maintenance. The 46-year-old is currently traveling for work via jet and is accompanied by a huge staff with a hairstylist, makeup artist, security, and more included!

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Megyn on Today in July 2017.

“People are outraged over her diva-like ways,” a network source told Page Six. “They wonder, ‘When does NBC stop throwing money at her?’ ”

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Megyn kicked off her NBC career with her stare role in Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly, which first aired in June. However, it was recently canceled after receiving not-so-hot ratings. This fall, she’s set to take over the 9 a.m. hour of today with her new show, Megyn Kelly Today, which officially begins on Monday, Sept. 25.

To welcome her, NBC even hired a new staff, built a new set, and will be spending extra money on the audience. On top of that, she’ll be earning a reported $20 million per year!

This comes soon after In Touch reported that Matt Lauer thinks Megyn is tarnishing the image of NBC and Today. “She believes she is above reproach and knows what her fans want,” an insider said of her being difficult to work with. “She’s dictating who she’ll interview because it’s in her [reported $20 million] contract. [NBC News Chairman] Andy Lack has given Megyn keys to the kingdom.”

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The source also told the news outlet that NBC execs are “begging Andy to postpone Megyn’s 9 a.m. this fall.” So awkward! “The feeling is that it’s only a matter of time until she lands herself in another a huge controversy so that she is unable to be a part of Today.” Well, this fall should be interesting…