Even Hollywood BFFs get into fights! Meghan McCain opened up about her friendship with former The View cohost Abby Huntsman and dished details on a recent argument they had behind the scenes.

“We did get in a fight, which is a very small fight and a friend fight,” the 35-year-old beauty shared with host Andy Cohen while visiting Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, January 29. “And all friendships have ups and downs.”


Meghan, who has been a cohost at the hit CBS morning show since October 2017, explained why it was strange to see news of their disagreement in the media. “It was sort of bizarre for me, and I think bizarre for her, to have — the fact that we got in one fight the two years that we worked together on the show, to be put under dissection in the media, to be weaponized,” she confessed.

The Dirty Sexy Politics author also touched on Abby’s recent resignation from the show. The former Fox & Friends star, 33, announced she will officially be leaving the award-winning program on January 13. She departed in order to help run dad Jon Huntsman Jr.‘s gubernatorial campaign in Utah.

“This has been a really, really rough few weeks for me because I didn’t want her to go, selfishly, because I thought she was an amazing cohost and just having a friend there has been lovely,” Meghan gushed. “But it’s been really emotionally taxing to have like our friendship used this way in the media. It’s taken a real toll on me.”

The View
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Despite any circulation regarding their longtime friendship, Meghan insisted the two are on good terms. “Abby and I have been friends for over 10 years. Our parents were friends in politics, we worked at Fox together,” the daughter of late president John McCain told Andy, 51. “Part of the reason she came to The View is because we were friends. We are still very good friends. We are very close. I just talked to her yesterday morning.”

She also cleared any speculation as to why Abby — who joined Meghan, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin as the fifth cohost in September 2018 — chose to bid farewell to the beloved TV show. “She’s campaigning with her dad,” Meghan shared. “I think she was genuinely conflicted about her dad running for governor and her not helping, and that is the reason why she left.”

Considering Meghan and Abby are one of Hollywood’s most adorable BFF duos, we’re not surprised the two were able to patch things up following their fight. Abby even revealed the extent of their friendship as she gushed about their bond at a gala in October 2019.

“I would say [I lean on] Meghan,” the MSNBC alum sweetly told Closer Weekly in an exclusive interview at the time. “I’ve been really good friends with for a long time and we’ll FaceTime almost every night, so we’re very very close.”