It’s no secret that when it comes to the forthcoming royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, we have many, many questions. Will the Obamas be in attendance? Is Ed Sheeran really be performing at the reception? And will Prince William actually charter a helicopter to make sure he makes the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium just a few hours after his brother says his wedding vows? The biggest question of all, though, pertains to Meghan’s choice of wedding dress — and now a new source is shining some light onto that very topic.

According to a report in Look magazine, a staggering $560,000 has been spent on fashion and beauty in the lead up to the wedding, with the majority of that sum covering Meghan’s dress. “Meghan is like any other bride preparing for her dream day,” a source told the magazine. “The wedding dress has been the biggest expense, and the budget has now doubled from what it originally was.”

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While we’d certainly raise an eyebrow at the suggestion that Meghan is like “any other bride,” it’s hardly a surprise that the dress has turned out to be a major expense. In fact, Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress is thought to have cost around $350,000 back in 2011.

While the designer behind Meghan’s bridal look will undoubtedly be kept under wraps until May 19, speculation has already peaked, with names like Erdem, Ralph & Russo (who dressed Meghan for her engagement photos), Stewart Parvin, and Alexander McQueen being touted as contenders. Indeed, last month betting on the latter designer was suspended by Betfair, implying that a confidential palace memo might have been leaked. “We’ve now suspended this market after seeing some interesting betting on Alexander McQueen this morning, who went from 16/1 to 8/1 in a very short space of time,” a spokesperson revealed at the time.

Another major expense for the couple (who confirmed that the royal family will pay for “the core aspects of the wedding” in their engagement announcement) will be the honeymoon, which is set to cost $170,000 according to Look’s source, who added that this is Meghan’s “gift to Harry.”

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This post was written by Katie Rosseinsky. It originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.