At the end of every year, Google releases a list of topics that were the most trending throughout the year. From most searched words to news events to people, and more, Google reels in everything that we were nuts about. And this may or may not surprise you but the most searched person on Google in 2018 was none other than the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Meghan has had quite the year as she married Prince Harry, garnered everyone’s attention with a royal wedding, announced she was pregnant, and, of course, was involved in plenty of rumored royal drama. And that’s the reason everyone was rushing to their devices to type in Meghan’s name. In fact, the royal wedding was the fourth most searched news item on Google, which goes to show that people are completely all about everything royal. It also proves that people use anything about this family to distract them from their very un-royal life.

Meghan and Harry
Getty Images

The royals weren’t the only thing on people’s minds in 2018 as Stan Lee made it to the top five of most searched terms mainly due to his unfortunate passing a few weeks ago. And, believe it or not, Sylvester Stallone was the most searched actor of the year, proving that people still go nuts over Sly and boxing movies. But while folks had plenty of interests throughout the year, at least Meghan can pat herself on the back for being the person that everyone had an unhealthy obsession with. It is also a plus that Meghan is ending the year on a positive note and taking those good vibes into 2019. Meghan and Harry even recently released a Christmas card for all to see.

The black and white snapshot showcases Meghan and Harry staring at fireworks during the night of their wedding reception. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to share a new photograph from their Wedding Reception at Frogmore House on 19th May,” the caption read.

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