Prince Harry may want to take advantage of his uninterrupted nights of sleep now, because Meghan Markle is reportedly aiming to make him completely fulfill his dad duties.

A source tells Life & Style that Meghan, 37, wants Harry, 34, to be a “hands-on dad.” Not only that, but the insider reveals that the Duchess of Sussex is hoping her husband will be there to help her with “night duty, diaper changes and cleaning up.” Although that may not be a problem at all for the Duke of Sussex, as a little while back it was reported that he is doing everything in his power to make sure his wife is comfortable during her pregnancy.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
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“Harry will bring her tea and breakfast in bed in the morning,” a source told the outlet. “They go over their schedule and then take a stroll in the gardens together before Meghan does her daily prenatal yoga.” Although this isn’t new behavior for Harry — during his first royal tour with Meghan, Harry showed up alone to events and confirmed that Meghan was “resting back at home.” A royal source at the time told Us Weekly that Harry encouraged his pregnant wife to slow down after she felt tired when the opening of the Invictus Games overran by nearly two hours.”

Meghan is set to give birth this spring, and it seems she is all but ready to dive into motherhood, at least according to body language expert, Blanca Cobb, who said that Meghan has been exhibiting a lot of “motherly tendencies” during her recent royal outings. Blanca also said she realized that the Duchess was gently patting Kate Middleton‘s back during the royal family’s Christmas Day church service.

Meghan Markle
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“It’s a gesture that signals comfort, provides reassurance, and brings them closer,” Blanca explained. “By standing slightly behind Kate, Meghan is silently saying that she’s got her back. Exactly what you’d expect from sisters-in-law.”

Well it seems everything is set for Meghan to give birth soon, so we just hope Harry is ready to jump into dad mode at a moment’s notice.

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