UK's Warm Reception of Meghan Markle's Engagement to Prince Harry Has "Moved" the Future Royal (REPORT)

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Well isn't that sweet! The UK has welcomed Meghan Markle with open arms following the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry in late November. Their reception has been so warm that it's reportedly even "incredibly moved" the future royal.

"People have been so supportive," an insider shared with Us Weekly. "And the overall reaction has been really warm. She has been really touched by the incredible reception. Everything is still really new." It's so nice that Meghan is feeling like home in London since she's moved from her home country of the US and where she was filming Suits in Toronto to be with Harry.

Not only is the country making her feel like home, but Meghan has also been getting royal training leading up to her big wedding day with Harry in May 2018! Since last summer, Meghan has allegedly been receiving advice from those she's encountered at Kensington Palace.

"Meghan has had access to Harry’s most trusted aides since their relationship went public, so whether it’s advice on a business decision or handling a media issue, she’s been able to get advice whenever needed, and it’s been invaluable," an insider previously told Us. "On top of that, Meghan was given some basic training by protection staff, learning what to do in various situations, whether that’s receiving threats or if she’s worried about someone following her. As she doesn’t have round-the-clock security like Harry yet, it’s important that she has the right information and contacts on hand."

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And it's all just getting started! "As they get closer to marriage, Meghan will receive more general advice from those close to Harry, whether it’s for public speaking or what to do at a state banquet," the insider added. "Everything she may be unsure about will be answered." Meghan might as well just be British already!

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