It seems Meghan Markle is ready to be royal! Prince Harry’s new fiancée (they announced their engagement to the public on Monday, Nov. 27) is reportedly seeking a professional martial arts trainer to teach her all about self-defense.

“Meghan will be trained in many different [areas], including what public places she should avoid, what she should do if she was ever approached and attacked in public and how to release herself from a situation like that,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. The insider added that Meghan will always have royal protection with her.

On top of that, Meghan has been training for the exciting next chapter of her life by receiving advice from those in Kensington Palace since last summer, Us Weekly reports.

“Meghan has had access to Harry’s most trusted aides since their relationship went public, so whether it’s advice on a business decision or handling a media issue, she’s been able to get advice whenever needed, and it’s been invaluable,” a source told the news outlet. “On top of that, Meghan was given some basic training by protection staff, learning what to do in various situations, whether that’s receiving threats or if she’s worried about someone following her. As she doesn’t have round-the-clock security like Harry yet, it’s important that she has the right information and contacts on hand.”

And it’s all just getting started! Meghan will begin to learn even more as the couple’s spring 2018 nuptials near. “As they get closer to marriage, Meghan will receive more general advice from those close to Harry, whether it’s for public speaking or what to do at a state banquet,” the insider added. “Everything she may be unsure about will be answered.”

Royal fans have been comparing Meghan’s royal engagement experience to that of her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton’s ever since Meghan flaunted her stunning ring at Kensington Palace and then followed up with her first official interview alongside Harry (Who could ever forget Kate and Prince William’s back in 2010?).

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And to not much of a surprise, Meghan’s training will “be very much the same process Kate went through, but right now it’s still a bit early.” We can’t wait until Meghan joins the royal family for good!

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