Meghan Markle Plans to Walk Down the Aisle With Prince Harry in Not One, but Two Royal Weddings…

As the world waits with bated breath for official confirmation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s happy engagement news, preparations are already in full swing for not one, but two royal weddings! They will host both a traditional royal affair in London and a more relaxed, low-key event near LA.

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the British prince, 32, and his US-born bride, 36, are each taking charge of the celebrations in their hometowns. “Harry wanted to do something special just for 
her family and friends. Meghan was really touched and they’ve been busy making plans ever since,” a royal source recently told Woman’s Day.

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“The services will take place 
a week apart. It’s going to be hectic, a little bit crazy and 
a lot of fun, especially when 
you factor in the [bachelor and bachelorette parties],” the insider continued to say. “But this way, they get the best of both worlds and a chance to celebrate with their loved ones on two continents.”

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“It’ll be a two-week celebration of love and they couldn’t be more excited about it,” the insider added. This news comes just a week after Mike Tindall openly welcomed Meghan into the royal family. “It comes with a lot of history and the family that it is. It’s obviously nerve-racking,” Mike said. “But she has been under enough scrutiny and pressure in her day-to-day life so I’m sure she will get through it. She will be fine.”

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