Is Meghan Markle getting special treatment at the royal palace? Kate Middleton sure thinks so! Less than one month after Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot, the former Suits actress accompanied Queen Elizabeth to Cheshire, England for a day of public events. But it wasn’t just a day with the queen that ruffled Kate’s feathers. Elizabeth actually gifted Meghan a pair of pearl earrings for the trip.

And all of that is just the beginning of Meghan and Kate’s icy relationship at the moment. “They’re barely on speaking terms,” a source told In Touch. “The popularity contest has caused a lot of friction at the palace.”

meghan markle and kate middleton
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The so-called “special treatment” Meghan is getting doesn’t just stop with the jewelry, either. It’s all about where Prince Harry and Meghan will soon reside. Up until now, they were staying at Harry’s humble abode, Nottingham Cottage, on the grounds of Kensington Palace, but that’s about to change. The newlyweds will move into Apartment 1, right next to Kate and Prince William‘s Apartment 1A.

There’s only one problem: Kate doesn’t think it’s fair “that Meghan and Harry are getting Apartment 1,” the source explained. Why? Well, because it’s reportedly one room larger. Someone on Kate’s staff even sent a nasty email accusing Meghan of getting special treatment. Unfortunately, the contents of the email got back to Meghan, and she felt hurt and betrayed by it.

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Kate was supposed to be Meghan’s friend. She taught Meghan everything she knows about royal protocol, but when Kate started to feel threatened by all of the attention Meghan was receiving, she cut her out. She has completely stopped giving Meghan any advice.

“Kate hasn’t confronted Meghan yet,” the source told In Touch. “But, Meghan can sense something is up.” Only time will tell if Meghan will do anything about it, though. After everything she’s dealt with leading up to the wedding, issues with Kate probably aren’t the first problems on her list to resolve. “Meghan has gone through enough petty drama with her family,” the source added. “She doesn’t need it with her friends.”

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