Her first public curtsy didn’t go so well. When Meghan Markle joined fiancé Prince Harry and his family for Christmas Day services at St. Mary Magdalene Church, all eyes were on the actress as Queen Elizabeth walked by — and critics weren’t impressed. Meghan’s formal recognition of the queen, 91, was described by a British newspaper as a “wobbly bob” and some royal watchers said the newbie lacked confidence.

She’s working on it. Since moving to London in November, Meghan has been undergoing intense training to prepare for her role as princess, according to Life & Style. But the prep began even before Meghan, 36, and Harry, 33, got engaged. “Meghan can’t wait to marry Harry and has been spending months preparing to be his wife,” reveals a royals insider. “She doesn’t want to ruffle any royal feathers. She wants to be ready for her new position and master all the ins and outs of what it takes to be a royal.”

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The American divorcée wrapped her seven-year run on the legal drama Suits in November. And it’s a good thing — because she has a new full-time job. The most-Googled woman in the world in 2017 is “getting special fast-track training on royal etiquette,” says the insider. Upcoming plans call for a royal aide to visit Meghan at Kensington Palace for “at least three weeks of intense training,” the insider adds. “The one-on-one classes will start at 8:30 a.m., and finish at 7 p.m.” One thing on the syllabus: curtsying. Besides nailing the proper execution, Meghan has to learn a complicated social hierarchy that dictates to whom she must curtsy (and who must curtsy to her) after she becomes Harry’s wife. “The classes will also include dining etiquette and privacy rules,” says the insider. “There will be lessons on how to handle difficult family members with dignity and class, and crisis management, as well.”

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After her May 19 wedding at Windsor Castle, Meghan will have to undergo training for the ultimate crisis: a kidnapping. The British Special Air Service will reportedly teach her what to do in the event she’s taken hostage. But the bride-to-be was instructed to be more aware of security risks even back when she lived in Toronto, where Suits filmed. “Meghan used to love jogging outside, but at the request of Harry and secret service, she had to give that up,” says a source. “She stopped showering at the gym and making eye contact with people in her yoga class.” Meghan also cut back on chats with neighbors and spent more time in her Suits dressing room.

“She’s getting used to being more guarded, but she’s such a fun and open person that it can be difficult,” the source notes. “She knows there are some things she just has to sacrifice, and she’s OK with that.” She’ll do whatever it takes to fit in and make Harry and his family proud. “She’s 100 percent committed to him,” says the royals insider. “Meghan’s really ready to take on all the responsibilities that come with being part of the royal family.”

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