Considering this is her first pregnancy, it’s not surprising that Meghan Markle is reportedly doing everything she can to prepare for her baby’s upcoming birth — including, apparently, working with a doula! According to a new report, the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex and her husband, Prince Harry, have been having regular meetings with a doula — a non-medical birthing companion who assists a woman before, during or after childbirth — at their home in Oxfordshire, England as well as at Kensington Palace.

“Meghan is focused on calm and positive energy around the birth — she’s a big believer in that,” an insider close to the royal couple recently told Us Weekly. In addition to having the doula’s help, Harry, 34, “is doing everything he can to make sure Meghan’s comfortable and happy,” the source revealed. Aww!

Meghan Markle
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Since Meg is receiving lots of love and support from those around her, the source also revealed that the Duchess is in the best of moods as she nears the end of her pregnancy. “[She is] full of energy and in good spirits. She really feels great and is enjoying the busy work schedule she has at the moment,” the insider said of the former Suits actress.

And, thankfully, the brunette beauty’s pregnancy has been blissfully uneventful so far. “Meghan has been having an easy pregnancy,” the insider said, adding, “she really likes being pregnant.” However, Meg isn’t the only person who can’t wait until Baby Sussex’s spring arrival.

Meghan’s handsome hubby, Harry, has also reportedly been changing up his routine and focusing on living a cleaner lifestyle to prepare for the birth of his first child. The Duke of Sussex used to be all about partying and going out but, according to the Daily Mail, he’s been practicing yoga, meditation and eating much healthier.

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Since Meghan also loves to meditate and do yoga, it’s nice to see Harry getting on board with those practices, too. While the dad-to-be has reportedly been meditating every day as apart of his new detox, the couple is also allegedly planning to include a yoga studio for them and their royal baby to enjoy in their new Windsor home.

The most shocking change of them all is that Harry has now reportedly dedicated himself to living an alcohol-free life. Since Meg hasn’t been able to indulge in a glass of wine or champagne since October when the couple announced they are expecting, Harry is said to have completely banned alcohol from his diet in support of the mom-to-be. We love how supportive Harry has been to his lady throughout her pregnancy and can’t wait to see him as a first-time dad!

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