Talking about Kate Middleton’s grey hair is officially so passé. These days, we’re all focused on Meghan Markle‘s grey hair. And, to be frank, we probably shouldn’t be. Fashion mag Marie Claire unfortunately learned that lesson the hard way last week after posting an article titled “Meghan Markle Has a Single Grey Hair.” To put it mildly, royal fans weren’t pleased.

The article’s subheading, “And it’s magnificent,” gives readers the sense that the story isn’t meant to shame Prince Harry’s bride, and the text is certainly positive, too. “Who knows if Meghan Markle is choosing to just own it, not waste the time and money on such frequent upkeep, or, just doesn’t notice because it’s one hair,” mused the author. “But, either way, it’s nice to see she’s a regular person with a few stray greys, just like everyone else!”

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But even if the piece wasn’t meant to bring mega attention to Meghan’s single grey hair, Twitter users still thought the fixation was inappropriate. “Meghan Markle missed one appointment with her colorist and Marie Claire decided to put their journalism degrees to use,” one person tweeted. Journalist Liana Aghajanian similarly added, “Marie Claire over here writing about a single grey hair on the glorious head of Meghan Markle. Adjust your perspective, this is ridiculous.”

This current media controversy is reminiscent of the debate that sprung up over Meghan’s future-sister-in-law Kate’s grey hairs in 2015 after hairstylist Nicky Clarke dissed the Duchess. “Kate needs to get rid of her grey hair — it’s not a good look,” he told the Daily Mail. “I highly recommend that she cover it up. I hate grey hair.”

Just afterward, a Glamour writer set Clarke straight, writing, “There’s nothing wrong with grey hair. If you choose to color it, go for it. If not, you’re not lazy, unpretty, or a bad representation for women. Period.” The moral of the story — let’s all leave these royals’ grey hairs alone and focus on their achievements instead!

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