Are those really necessary? When Meghan Markle stepped out at her nephew Prince Louis’ royal christening on Monday, July 9, it wasn’t her polished ponytail or monochromatic outfit that got royal fans talking — it was her gloves.

Though the 36-year-old was never photographed actually wearing her olive green leather gloves, people were totally perplexed as to why Meghan included gloves with her outfit in the first place.

meghan markle gloves

OK, yes, the gloves did perfectly match Meg’s head-to-toe green outfit — she also donned an olive hat, belt, pumps, and clutch! — but it was a sweltering 82 degrees fahrenheit in London yesterday. That’s way too hot for leather gloves, Meghan, even if it was a little chilly inside the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace.

Though most royal fans were totally confused by the Duchess of Sussex’s choice of accessory, other people thought the gloves may have just been a style choice. In fact, Queen Elizabeth is hardly ever without gloves (though they’re usually white!) during royal events all year round.

queen elizabeth gloves

“The Queen wears a hat and carries a handbag on engagements, and gloves are essential to complement them,” expert Richard Fitzwilliams once told the Daily Express. “They are part of her style, the ‘look’ we have associated her with, which is formal.”

The Queen’s gloves also serve another important purpose: they help keep the 92-year-old monarch healthy. “Given the need to shake hands so often, they are useful as protection and to stop the spread of infections,” Fitzwilliams added.

meghan markle christmas

Interestingly, this week wasn’t the first time Meghan was photographed with gloves at a royal event. Back in December 2017, Prince Harry‘s then-fiancée wore a pair of cognac colored leather gloves while attending the royal family’s Christmas Day church service at the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk, England. But, unlike Prince Louis’ June christening, gloves were weather-appropriate for a Christmas outing — take note, Meg!

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