Oh no! Meghan Markle may be a royal but that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from sometimes having fashion faux pas just like everyone else. When the 37-year-old Duchess of Sussex touched down in Tonga on Day 10 of her first royal tour with husband Prince Harry, 34, on Thursday, Oct. 25, all eyes were on her gorgeous red Self-Portrait dress.

But eagle-eyed royal fans quickly realized there was something amiss with Meghan’s latest look. In photos taken of the Duchess walking along a red carpet rolled out for the couple upon their arrival, the price tag for Meghan’s stunning frock could be seen dangling off the bottom of her dress.

While some people criticized Meghan’s royal stylists for letting her step out with such an obvious fashion blunder, others sympathized with the Duchess and loved that the price tag made Harry’s wife seem like a normal person. “This actually made me spurt [out] my coffee this morning! That is a HUGE tag! [Fire] the dresser!” one person wrote on Twitter. “Ah! We’ve all been Meghan Markle… lol,” another commented.

Meghan Markle tag
Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

“Maybe she was going to return it,” one fan joked on Twitter. Another person speculated that perhaps the item dangling off Meghan’s dress wasn’t a price tag but actually a tag used by one of Meg’s stylists to help organize her outfits on her 16-day international tour. “Pretty sure the tag was just a note from her stylist,” they wrote.

Interestingly, Meghan’s tag debacle isn’t the first time she’s committed a fashion faux pas since being thrust into the royal spotlight. In July, the Duchess — who just announced she’s expecting her first baby! — forgot to remove the plastic wrappings around the protective studs adorning the bottom of her gorgeous cognac Strathberry tote bag during a trip to Iceland.

And, back in March, Meghan also forgot to snip the criss-cross stitching visible on the back of her wool jacket during an official outing. The ‘X’ stitching (also known as “a tailor’s tack”) is included on the coat’s back vent to keep the fabric together while the garment is on display — it is supposed to be cut and removed prior to wearing.

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