Everyone has been reminded by now that Meghan Markle was once on Deal or No Deal before she landed her lead role on Suits. But, what some royal fans may have forgotten is that in August 2016, the Duchess of Sussex also appeared on an episode of Chopped Junior!

That’s right, the same year Meghan started dating Prince Harry (perhaps they watched the episode during one of their cozy nights in over roast chicken?) she was a judge on the spin-off of the popular Food Network show Chopped. During her time on the panel, she gave different critiques to contestants.

meghan markle
Food Network

“Unfortunately, the yogurt sauce didn’t fit with everything else we have going on on your plate,” Meghan said in one take. “But I will say I really enjoyed eating your food.” During another judgment she said, “This dish reminded me of the food I grew up eating in California. That farm to table fresh.”

However, both times she gave advice to the young chefs, she was extremely friendly and nurturing! In a video shared by Inside Edition, the winner of that episode gushed about Meghan. “I remember thinking oh my god, she’s really pretty,” the contestant said. “She was just a really positive person, she wasn’t intimidating or scary at all.”

Meghan portrayed Rachel Zane on Suits from 2011 until just before she married Prince Harry, so her Chopped Junior stint was when she was on the USA show. But before then, she took minor TV roles here and there — like her game show appearance, which she seemingly doesn’t like to remember.

“I would put [Deal or No Deal] in the category of things I was doing while I was auditioning to try to make ends meet,” Meghan told Esquire in 2013. “I went from working in the US Embassy in Argentina to ending up on Deal. It’s run the gamut. Definitely working on Deal or No Deal was a learning experience, and it helped me to understand what I would rather be doing. So if that’s a way for me to gloss over that subject, then I will happily shift gears into something else.” At this point, we’d love to see the new princess make a cameo on any of these shows!

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