Saying “I do” is the easy part! Meghan Markle announced she will be joining the royal family on Nov. 27, when she revealed her engagement to Prince Harry. However, there are a lot of steps she needs to take before the big day, from becoming a UK citizen to getting baptized!

First things first, Meghan needs to join the Church of England, which of course her grandmother-in-law Queen Elizabeth is the head of. Her dad is an Episcopalian and her mother is a Protestant, so her personal religion likely isn’t that different from the Church of England, but she will still need to be baptized and confirmed. Prince Harry’s Communications Secretary Jason Knauf confirmed to People that that’s exactly what she plans to do.

If you’ve ever been to an adult baptism and are wondering if Meghan is going to get dunked in a river or something: yes, she will definitely get wet. “In the Church of England this may involve water being poured on your head at the font, or the church may have a special pool and you will be fully immersed in the water,” explains the church website. “However it happens, it’s a great occasion, full of joy.”

Kate Middleton actually started the tradition before marrying Prince William. Though she was already baptized in the church, she had to be confirmed. Meghan will have to do both and get her UK citizenship, since she’s an American citizen by birth.

Meghan will actually have to change a lot of things in her life to marry Harry, but that just comes with the territory. She also revealed that she’s leaving her acting career behind on Nov. 28. But hey, we would choose being a princess over being an actress too!