Less than a month after hit CBS series How I Met Your Mother ended its run after nine seasons, huge casting news concerning the show’s spin-off, How I Met Your Dad, is creating waves in the entertainment world!

Why? Because former rom-com queen Meg Ryan is set to narrate the highly-anticipated sitcom. Writer and actress Greta Gerwig will take on the lead role of Sally while Ryan will lend her voice to “Future Sally.”

Much like Bob Saget’s character “Future Ted” in HIMYM, the You’ve Got Mail star isn’t expected to appear on screen, just heard through voiceovers.

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This will be Meg’s first major role in nearly four-and-a-half-years, having only guest-starred on a few episodes of Web Therapy in 2013. Her last film role was in the 2009 comedy, Serious Moonlight.

The 52-year-old has taken time off to focus on adopted daughter Daisy, 9, and boyfriend of three-and-a-half-years, John Mellencamp.

meg ryan

Ryan with boyfriend Mellencamp and daughter Daisy

The new project has been met with mixed reviews after fans were split over the original’s March 31 finale. But leading lady Greta assured viewers her show will differ, though she admitted to loving HIMYM’s ending.

“I loved it so much,” she told Vulture. “I wanted [Ted and Robin] to [end up together]! I’m such a schmaltzy person…I love in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ when they end up together. I’m a little too corny for the sadder version.”